Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

December 25 is eight days away. I'm sipping my Christmas tea from a china teacup stamped with a Christmas tree right now. Every corner of the main floor of our house is festive, decorated with sprinkled snow and porcelain angels or red candles and stuffed snowmen. Mom and I spent a good hour draping the tree (in quite the sophisticated diagonal swirl, I might add) with new burgundy and gold garland we bought at the craft store. Our doorbell rings several times a day. A few seconds after the chime we hear the engine of the UPS truck revving away, announcing a new slew of Christmas packages. Evita is delighted about her playground in the den, a maze of boxes, wrapping paper, and ribbons. You can find her hiding in a cardboard box or chasing a spool of garland.
I’m especially looking forward to seeing my brother for the first time in TWO years next week. In the meantime, my cards are in the mail, and the eggnog (okay, Soynog) is in the fridge. I’m indulging in my favorite holiday habit of blasting AOL Radio’s Holiday Classics station all day and eating peppermint ice cream. We even had our first winter wonderland snowfall last weekend.

But I still have to watch my favorite Christmas movie – the (claymation original!) Rudolph and the Island of Misfit Toys. Burl Ives' voice is the voice of Christmas. Once I accidentally bought a Bing Crosby CD at Wal-Mart while shopping for cards thinking he was the voice of the genteel mustached Sam the Snowman narrator who sings "Silver and Gold." Crosby comes in second in my Christmas carol voice competition.

And after Christmas it's only five weeks until the braces come off! (Well, the orthodontist is trying to persuade me to keep the lower set on ANOTHER year.) This weekend I had a fiasco with the braces and the aforementioned peppermint ice cream. I popped off a bracket munching on a chunk of frozen candy cane, and the next day it slipped off the wire during my lunch of Thai veggies and tofu. Somehow I swallowed it. I spent the rest of the day moaning about lacerated intestines. 

 A downside to all this West Virginia winter cheer? The 20-degree weather. I’m always late (today I missed Pilates) because I forget to allot an extra 10 minutes to my morning routine to scrape the ice off my car. What can I say? In South Carolina no one needs an ice scraper in the back seat.

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