Thursday, November 5, 2009

Get your travel stories in print

Do you have a travel story so good that you have the urge to write it down and share it? Here are five local outlets -- a glossy magazine, two websites, and a couple of regional newspapers -- that publish travel articles.

1. The Charleston Gazette
Contact: Rosalie Earle, e-mail

2. The Post and Courier
Contact: Stephanie Harvin,

3. World Hum
Paste your submission of less than 2,000 words or a short pitch as well as a brief bio into the body of an email -- they will not open attachments. Do not send multiple submissions. Include the section of the site you want to contribute to in the subject line of your email. Payment varies and response not guaranteed.

4. Women's Adventure Magazine
Accepts formal queries meant for specific features or departments.

5. Glimpse
Contact: Submit stories directly on their website here.
Accepts first-person, slice-of-life narratives that focus on a single experience or a set of closely related experiences. Usually, they recount a specific adventure you embarked upon, or an interesting person you got to know. In the process, the story should reveal something surprising or noteworthy about your host country or someone from that country. Response to queries is prompt.

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