Monday, October 5, 2009

Shades of pumpkin

My childhood dream of experiencing the Pumpkin Festival came true last week. As a Halloween-obsessed little girl who got excited just thinking about the pumpkins of October, I never got a chance to go to the annual festival in Milton. I would have gotten giddier about the event as a kid eligible for the pumpkin painting contest, but I still appreciated the hay bales, scarecrows and piles of warty, hooked gourds.

Throughout the afternoon I paused to inhale the apple butter, pumpkin rolls and spiced fudge but passed by the tractor salesman and gutter-guard displays. I snapped a photo of the festival's winning pumpkin that weighed in at 1,140 pounds and took a smaller one home.

The fall kick continued Saturday with roasted butternut squash coated in crushed coriander seeds (the secret is to boil the squash before you attempt peeling and cutting it) and a leaf-crunching hike through the Kanawha State Forest. I further embraced the autumn season and its warm hues by dying my hair red. Yes, I'm a redhead, a full-blown ginger, nothing auburn or reddish about it. I've secretly always wanted to try out red hair, having long admired the locks of Debra Messing, Kate Walsh (of Grey's Anatomy) and Julianne Moore. I decided to try out the head-turning shade as I'm approaching my 24th birthday. I'm seizing all risk-taking opportunities in the face of my fleeting youth. Let me know if you have any daring ideas ...

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  1. I'm dying to see your hair. Dare I admit that I got another perm. I regret it, but it isn't poodle hair. Just some curls at the bottom. Yay I love reading your blog!!!!!!!


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