Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Look seven years younger

If you want to shave a few years off your look, I don't recommend Botox injections or facelifts. Don't ask your stylist for girlish bangs or shop the trendy racks of Urban Outfitters. Forget the latest antioxidant cream. Instead, I suggest you get braces.

People mistook me for a high-schooler on three occasions this weekend. As I'm approaching my 24th birthday, I took no offense to these assumptions. First, our whitewater rafting crew asked me what I wanted to study when I told them I'd finished school last year. The next day, our zip line guide asked me if I was over 18 and eligible to sign my own consent form. "Yes, six years over," I answered. Later our other guide asked me how I'd gotten a signed excuse to skip school to raft the Gauley River and zip the Treetop Canopy Tour. "No, I'm not playing hooky," I said. "I've already graduated." I didn't have the heart to clarify that I was referring to college.

People tend to peg me as a few years younger, but never have so many consecutively mistaken me for a teenager until I started flashing a metallic smile.

So, if you're set on looking youthful, book an appointment with your local orthodontist and get yourself outfitted in wires and brackets. But then again, considering the procedure will cost you a few grand, a couple shots of collagen and a microdermabrasion peel or two would be a more economical alternative.


  1. YOU crack me up so much. and i miss you a lot. and i want to talk to you soon. lol these women the other day were SHOCKED that meagan and i were teachers... they were sure we were students. even my students are shocked when i tell them my age.... ahhhh let's revel in the ambiguous early 20's!!!!!

  2. I didn't know you have braces. For that matter, I didn't know you had crooked teeth. When did this happen?


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