Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall with it

This is the first week of fall, my favorite season. There’s something about that smoky scent in the air, the crunch of leaves beneath your feet and the pumpkins on porches. I’m ready to pull on a pair of knee-high boots, wrap a scarf around my neck and zip up a jacket to head outside on a crisp evening. Oh, to live in a Land’s End catalog.

The season brought new beginnings when I was growing up. Fall meant first days of school with new classmates, teachers and locker numbers. It was a time for blank notebooks and sharp pencils stuffed in fresh backpacks. Back-to-school-shopping for corduroy and tights made me giddy.

My birthday comes in autumn, as does Halloween, one of my favorite holidays. I cut felt leaves and hot-glued them to myself then stuck a wreath on my head and called myself a tree when I was nine. Another year I hung a white box I’d painted with black dots over my shoulders. I tied fuzzy dice around my ponytail and convinced a friend to join in the project so we could be a pair of dice. The next Halloween I cut a picket fence out of a box and made construction paper flowers and a pipe-cleaner butterfly headband for a garden costume. My last year going door-to-door I painted my hair pink, dressed in black and pulled on a knit cap for an Alias spy inspired get-up.

Now that I’m graduated from school and trick-or-treating, fall makes me want to go pumpkin picking, carve a jack ‘o lantern and roast apples and squash. I have berry lip stain, September fashion issues and cozy sweaters on my mind. I want to drive down an interstate curving through hillsides igniting into oranges, reds and yellows.

If I weren’t all grown up I'd jump in a pile of leaves and knock on doors trimmed in scarecrows and skeletons, carrying a big bag and chanting “trick or treat.

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