Sunday, August 23, 2009

The race is on

I just signed up for a 15-mile race. I'm terrified, firstly, because I've never ran 15 miles, and secondly, because the course includes five uphill miles, including a GINORMOUS one-mile hill. I'm also excited, and I better be because I'm paying $35 for the privilege of running these 15 miles.

I feel like I've been running these past two years (not including a nearly 7-month break in Barcelona) with no goal or destination of sorts. I registered for the challenge because I want an accomplishment. I want to be able to say, even if it's just to myself, that I've done it -- that I am capable, despite a lifetime of bemoaning my unathletic-ness and the nights of sleep I lost worrying about running a mile in gym class. (But if successful, I will be announcing my achievement on my Facebook status.)

I don't know anything about running. I'm unaware of any training and pacing techniques or proper form and postures. I just know that I'm going to lace up my Nikes, slip my nano up my shoulder and start pounding the pavement, one mile after the other. I'm trying not to think about this Charleston Distance Run as a 15-mile competition but rather as a nice, two-hour-or-so run. That, I can handle.

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